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January 7, 2013 - Comments Off on Maturity Missed

Maturity Missed

In the infancy of this New Year, we are given the rare opportunity to experience a certain childlike wonder. All is new, all is possible. Sadly we increasingly lose this ability as we grow older and become more set in our ways. The world loses some of its luster. But truly the magic of the world can always be found in ever more beautiful, if not less obvious, places. An intriguing conversation with a stranger. The intricate patterns frost plays across your window. Remove yourself from preconception and seek the inspiration within childlike wonder.

Switching to a less intense process of this week. A quick colored doodle of a lovely cartoon lady in a warm winter coat.

Switching to a less intense process of this week. A quick colored doodle of a lovely cartoon lady in a warm winter coat.

It's hard to be awed like a child simply because of knowledge. Knowledge, by it's very nature, is the cure for curiosity and therefore the fanciful wanderings of childhood. Bridge to Terabithia would be quite boring if the reader were aware of the stark realities surrounding the children's escapist retreat. Many famous creative works play on the innocence of children and the resulting conclusions they make, whether cute or skewed. This series by Pierrette Diaz similarly illustrates what children may see when confronted with the mysterious realities of life. Her style perfectly embodies that magic of youth and makes me reminisce about games of "keep off the lava." So don't avoid the silly ideas that may flit through your mind, they're often the most enjoyable.

The OvenAlligators

There are many fun activities for children to participate in. Most serve to foster their creativity, intelligence, or maybe just waste their time. Perhaps the most well known of all are the Boy and Girl Scouts of America. Both groups (and unfortunately many marketers) have realized that if there's one thing we really love, it's collecting stuff, often being badges. Fittingly, DIY, a part of the growing maker movement, motivates it's users of all ages to learn new skills just like the scouts, sharing their accomplishments and projects with other users via digital badges. The style is undeniably gorgeous with its crisp clean colors. Furthermore I love the entire idea behind the site. It has so many great projects one could pursue with the kids to rediscover the wonders of our world.


It's not always easy to overcome our jaded adult views though. Time is inevitable and invariably becomes less and less valuable as we grow older: each second becoming an ever diminishing portion of the sum total. Thus it is up to us to imbue every moment with value. This BAFTA award winning short, The Eagleman Stag, is a curious exploration of age and time. I love the pure white style. It appears to be made completely of foam and paper which is used to great affect.

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