It's not about us. It's about you.

Globally connected digital devices create positive social possibilities for humanity. We deliver enabling and transformative design solutions to businesses, organizations and individuals seeking to benefit from it.

An Authentic NYC Digital Agency

Credible firms are run by individuals who naturally demonstrate a passion for their purpose, believe in better, and lead with their hearts and their acumen. Authenticity isn't something you learn. It emerges from your life’s story.

The Mechanism is an authentic NYC digital design agency. We were founded in 2001 on the principle that success in digital communications would demand tighter connections between all media types. Our mission is to help our clients communicate with authenticity and empathy to their users across all digital channels and media types.

Authenticity is an essential trait for anyone who joins our team at The Mechanism.

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Dave Fletcher

Founder, Executive Director

For more than 20 years, Dave Fletcher, The Mechanism’s Founder and Executive Director, has explored a wide range of media – including print, video, photography and interactive design, as well as developed brand identity systems, promotional materials, environmental graphics, packaging and publication designs for a global list of clients.

A visionary in the interactive design profession, Dave has earned recognition from creative associations and publications including: AIGA, The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), HOW Magazine, and I.D., the International Design Magazine, and his work is featured in several noted graphic design books and magazines. His philosophy of information delivery through the creative process has been discussed in both academic & international business publications.

Dave has been a featured contributor for HOW, I.D., and CEO/CFO Magazine. He has spoken extensively as a keynote and general session speaker, judged international design competitions, and has participated in panel discussions for the HOW Design Conference, AIGA, the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), The Art Institute, and The New School in New York City.

Recently named one of “The 50 Most Creative CEO’s to Watch” by Insights Success Magazine, Dave is a member of the board of the New York Metropolitan Area Chapter of the Internet Society (ISOC–NY)—the leading advocate of the Internet as a global communications infrastructure.

Theseus Communications

Brand & Media Planning

Founded by Charles Pinkerton, Theseus Communications is a Strategic Consultancy combining the disciplines of Brand Planning and Media Planning across traditional and digital channels.

Ore Agency

Brand Development

Founded by Johan Engelbrecht, Ore is a brand, design & digital agency focused on one thing: discovering the best for brands.

Huzzah! Studios


Huzzah! Studios is a small family run multimedia agency situated in a little place called Bandon, nestled deeply in Southern Ireland. The founder and lead developer/designer of Huzzah! Studios is Lyle Kirby, a hard-working guy we've known since 2009.

Our uniform is individuality. Our mantra is confidence. When an associate from The Mechanism arrives at 10am with a five-o-clock shadow, don’t blame irony or fashion. It’s because they were working on your project for three days straight to meet a deadline.

The Mechanism believes our client's satisfaction creates our success. We are immersed with, fascinated by, and driven toward the limitless possibilities of technology's promise; bound by the glue of experience.