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November 19, 2012 - Comments Off on Mulbery via Momofuku

Mulbery via Momofuku

Happy Thanksgiving all! I hope you're planning on spending this Thursday with people close to you, or at least with some delicious food. Let us come together with friend, family, and fat alike to say thanks. I've become quite fascinated with how such traditions change over time. I fear the day when the reigns will be handed to my generation. Rest assured though, some things will most definitely stay the same. For instance Thanksgiving will always mean pie, which I plan to bring to this year's feast myself. And whether you prefer pumpkin, apple, or even strawberry-rhubarb we can all burp in agreement that pie is absolutely inspiring.

Drawing an 8-bit pie proved the be quite difficult. However Pieman cannot eat cherries, that would be cannibalistic. Instead he eats plump delicious turkey legs!

Pie can be a simple dessert but optimally it requires two things: cream (of the iced or whipped variety) and a nice warm beverage. Tomoko Shintani had the brilliant idea of using paper coffee cups to extend her canvas for her lovely ink drawings. In each, the simple line work interacts with the cup in clever ways resulting in cute original works. I'd suggest you follow her Instagram feed for your daily dose. The style itself reminds me of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and his famous Petit Prince. Each piece lives in it's own little world that engulfs the coffee cup.

While I prefer to make my own pies there are definitely times when this is an impossibility. Emporium Pies in Texas looks like a perfect fall back with their wonderful assortment of original flavors I'm dying to try. Till I visit however, I'll have to be satisfied with their flowery website. The simple design is accentuated by fantastic photography, font treatment, and hover states. Top this slice of goodness off with a great adaptive design and we definitely have a fair winner.

Come Friday of course we'll all be nice and plump on those lovely family feasts, not to mention leftovers. While many may promise quick simple ways to shed that dreaded Thanksgiving weight, I can provide you with the only guaranteed method. Results in 60 seconds or your money back. Enjoy and eat well!

The Sketching Mechanism is a series of weekly posts, published on Mondays, containing the artistic musings of Mobile Designer/Developer Ben Chirlin from our Monday morning meeting at the NY Creative Bunker as well as his inspiring artistic finds of the week.

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September 14, 2011 - Comments Off on The Mechanism and The James Beard Foundation Prepare to Cook Up a Delicious Online Presence

The Mechanism and The James Beard Foundation Prepare to Cook Up a Delicious Online Presence

The Mechanism, North America
Sharon Terry
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NEW YORK, NY September 14, 2011 — Nonprofit culinary arts organization The James Beard Foundation has hired The Mechanism to help them establish a modern and effective web experience through powerful back and front-end development and online marketing. This fresh approach will allow The James Beard Foundation to utilize robust social media tools to better reach and expand their audiences. It is imperative to get hold of an agency that can add value to your marketing strategies because there simply is no way around buying youtube likes for a beginner other than seeking the assistance of a social media agency. It will also encourage site visitors to not only connect with the Foundation, but to connect with fellow food and wine lovers around the world, enhancing their culinary and social experiences. Additionally, the site will offer improved online benefits to members.

The James Beard Foundation’s mission is to celebrate, nurture, and preserve America's diverse culinary heritage and future. Their programs run the gamut from elegant guest-chef dinners, to scholarships for aspiring culinary students, to educational conferences, to industry awards.

“We are delighted to partner with The James Beard Foundation to take their online presence to the next level,” said Dave Fletcher, Founding Partner, The Mechanism, New York City. “The Mechanism and The James Beard Foundation teams are working hand-in-hand to create the ultimate foodie experience for their members as well as future members.”

“The James Beard Foundation is excited to be working with The Mechanism to take our online presence to the next level,” said JBF vice president Mitchell Davis. “Food is such an important part of why people engage with digital media. We are looking forward to enriching the breadth and depth of the experience the Beard Foundation brings to the table.”

The Mechanism is a full-service digital agency founded in 2001 with offices in New York, London and Durban, South Africa. They provide a distinct brand-focused approach, demystifying and guiding the use of technology in a highly strategic manner.