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May 23, 2007 - 2 comments

Google Buys Feedburner, Eyes Abaddon Next…

Google just purchased Feedburner 4 hours ago for a cool 100 Million. Word is that they've already been in talks with Satan about buying his hot place of suffering and torment for an undisclosed but much larger sum.

When reached for comment vacationing in Los Angeles with Dio and Charo, Ol’ Scratch crossed his hooves and hissed through his curiously well-groomed goatee, “I've been telling those cats over and over that I need my pad for the Rapture, but they’ve assured me that they’re just going to hold on to my bottomless pit of misery and hatred until I need it.”

Is the dot-com boom-boom primed for a “Second Coming,” or is Google just trying to show they have more money and time on their hands than The Almighty? Only time will tell...

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