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Biz Dev Q&A 002 with Raynald Leconte


Welcome back to The Mechanism's Business Development Q&A. This is the second post in this series, in which we will be presenting our Director of New Business Strategy, Raynald Leconte, with a unique question each month and picking his brain a bit to learn some of the secrets he's picked up through the years. Raynald comes with a wealth of expertise acquired through decades of experience in business development. We hope you find this series useful & engaging!

You can find our first question to Raynald here.

Let's continue with our second question.

Q: What do you think makes a great salesperson?

RL: "Easy - resilience, personality, good listening skills, killer instincts, and thick skin! A good judge of character also never hurts. Most importantly, though, good salespeople know how to properly close a deal."

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