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New York Web Standards Meetup—HTML5 part two

The New York Web Standards Meetup will meet tomorrow (24 September 2009) at theMechanism at 7:00 pm.

Mike Taylor ( and Jeffrey Barke (theMechanism) will continue last month's presentation on HTML5 by covering Web Forms 2.0 and the canvas, audio and video elements.

The canvas element can be used to draw graphics using JavaScript, while the audio and video elements permit native embedding of those media elements in the browser. Web Forms 2.0 provides, among other things, strongly-typed input fields, new attributes for defining constraints and new DOM interfaces

HTML5 Part Two: Canvas, Web Forms 2.0, Audio and Video
24 September 2009 . 7:00 pm
440 9th Avenue 8th Floor
New York, NY 10001 [map]

RSVP now!

Please note—This meetup is currently full and the waiting list is quite long. If you know you won't be able to make it, please update your RSVP.

Please contact theMechanism if you'd like to present at a future New York Web Standards meetup.

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