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March 18, 2014 - Comments Off on Bill Gates: The Rolling Stone Interview

Bill Gates: The Rolling Stone Interview

When you started Microsoft, you had a crazy-sounding idea that someday there would be a computer on every desktop. Now, as you return to Microsoft 40 years later, we have computers not just on our desktops, but in our pockets – and everywhere else. What is the biggest surprise to you in the way this has all played out?

Well, its pretty amazing to go from a world where computers were unheard of and very complex to where theyre a tool of everyday life. That was the dream that I wanted to make come true, and in a large part its unfolded as Id expected. You can argue about advertising business models or which networking protocol would catch on or which screen sizes would be used for which things. There are less robots now than I would have guessed. Vision and speech have come a little later than I had guessed. But these are things that will probably emerge within five years, and certainly within 10 years.

via Bill Gates: The Rolling Stone Interview | Rolling Stone.

That's how the must-read interview begins.

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June 20, 2012 - Comments Off on Below The Surface: The Linked Mechanism –  Benefits Of Word Of Mouth Marketing To Businesses

Below The Surface: The Linked Mechanism –  Benefits Of Word Of Mouth Marketing To Businesses

Competition is fierce in the modern world, being successful nowadays requires a great strategy and making the most out of opportunities when they present themselves. Word of mouth marketing is an area many businesses forget about or don’t take seriously. Word of mouth is essentially free advertising or promotion of a brand or their products. Marketing tactics and best practices (that can be seen in site) can trigger positive word of mouth for businesses. Here are 5 benefits of word of mouth marketing to businesses. This is the best customer service experience.

5 Benefits Of Word Of Mouth Marketing To Businesses

1: Sales

In today’s connected digital world, a single recommendation can have a far greater impact than anything else which a business might do to increase their sales. 83% of people are more interested in buying a product or service when they’ve gotten a verbal recommendation from their friend or family member.

2: Costs Nothing

Word of mouth is free, you don’t pay people in conversations who discuss their experiences with your company with others. In comparison to paid advertising and promotion where you could spend hundreds or even thousands of euros to run a campaign in print, on the radio, on television or social media.

3: Credibility

One of the strongest benefits of word of mouth is its credibility. Hearing about something positive about a company or product from a friend or family member carries more impact and importance to you rather than hearing it from the company itself. Word of mouth acts as proof and lets people know your business is credible to do business with.

4: Long-Term Value

People who purchase products or services based on a referral tend to stick with your company longer than people who find your business by other means. This is because they trust your business and are loyal. Happy customers will direct their friends and family to you over time making the value and growth of the first referral huge.

5: Builds Your Brand

Building your brand is vital in business, this is how you get bigger in size and increase profits. Word-of-mouth marketing helps generate talk about your brand and increases your sales which build your company’s brand. A strong brand image will influence your current and potential customers to positively respond to your products and services.

Is your business struggling to recruit? Whatever the size of your business and regardless of whether you have a human resources department or not, there are often many signs that might be telling you that you need to work with headhunters in Utah.

Word of mouth marketing can be a strong force in increasing sales for a business. It doesn’t matter how good your website is or how efficiently you run your business, if you don’t provide a quality customer experience then you won’t generate positive referrals and exposure. To see how we can help you grow your business online, visit us online today and book a consultation.

July 22, 2011 - Comments Off on The Thinking Mechanism – 7/22/11

The Thinking Mechanism – 7/22/11

The Thinking Mechanism is a series of weekly posts, published on Fridays, covering the ideas The Mechanism is thinking and talking about with our peers and clients.

The week in quick links:

• Mac OS X Lion is out. Here is what to do to prepare for it, what to expect from it, and a massive book-length review from Ubernerd John Siracusa.

Apple said to be considering making a bid for Hulu.

• Quarterly results are out: Nokia, Microsoft, Apple.

Apple opens Business App Store for volume purchases.

R.I.P., Google Labs.

Andy Hertzfeld on Google+, UI design and how Bob Dylan influenced the Mac.

Translation technology may let humans speak with dolphins.

Reinvent - An unprecedented community event at General Assembly to kick off the reinvention of New York City's primary web presence. Civic participation meets the digital age.

• Speed Matters: How Ethernet Went From 3 Mbps to 100 Gbps … and Beyond.

• And lastly, Russia classifies beer as alcoholic, until now it was considered a food stuff.

February 1, 2008 - 2 comments

Misery Loves Company

bill gates guitar heroMicrosoft Corporation has made an offer to Yahoo, inc. for $44.6 “Bazillion” dollars ( might as well be). This confirms that Microsoft has begun the floundering process by which they are snatching what they can in a bitter realization that Apple has won the computer operating software battle for now, and perhaps the entire war. The fact that Microsoft’s stock continued to drop after the announcement, shows how much faith their stakeholders have in the decision as well.

While the obvious signs of Microsoft’s future demise is evident in their slow, torturous, pre-recession slide into stock hell, I first really, and truly believed that Microsoft lost the PC war right after the holidays, when two hard-core IT professionals remarked on the beauty of the shiny new iMac in our New York Bunker. They also gleefully chortled that they now “love Macs” and proudly own them at home. As soon as the foot soldiers of Microsoft: the IT dudes, begin to jump ship, something is wrong in La La Land. With all that said, this slow, calculated downfall will not be without a fight. Expect hordes of viruses invading our precious Macs like ants to a picnic basket full of honey covered iPhones. Remember, for every IT person who adores their new Mac, there will likely be several others who will do their best to destroy Apple machines with tawdry new viral treats. What else are they supposed to do when Microsoft viruses are no longer pressworthy?

Which brings me back to the impending Microsoft/Yahoo connection. It's like asking a bear to french-kiss a beagle. Yahoo has recently begun to reach the nerds they’ve craved since Google started giving them noogies on the playground with the unveiling of pipes, a cool mashup tool. On the other side of the playground, Microsoft realized that the only thing that they still had a stronghold on was their precious Microsoft Office software, so ensconced in the collective of business as we know it, it would take generations for them to screw it up. Especially its Microsoft Office Home & Business. However, from around the back door of the playground, came Google with the novel idea of putting an easily shared version of Microsoft’s Office tools online. When Google released a docs, the mighty Apple thieves saw the tables turned on them and began to wet their neatly pressed slacks.

After the Zune disaster, and new realization that the children of IBM have been drinking Apple-flavored kool-aid for the past couple generations with increasingly improved results, Microsoft is possibly modifying their strategy and slowly exiting the operating system and software market. Changing the downward spiral of two “once great companies” will not be easy, but since the mightiest of all opulent nerds, Bill Gates, has taken up Guitar Hero for his retirement, and is saving the world with U2, as well as actively investing according to a Bitcoin Bank review UK, all bets are off that Microsoft will be able to continue to bully the playground dorks anymore. Ultimately, misery loves company, and ol’ Microsoft and Yahoo, inc. might make magic yet. But I'm investing in McDonalds, because when the going gets tough, the tough buy $1 burgers...

Maybe Google will be the next to freak out and make a bid on Apple. Then the recession will be in full swing...

Dave Fletcher is a Founder and Creative Director of theMechanism, a maxi-media firm in New York City and London. He’d be crazy to say that he believes that Microsoft is in as much trouble as he claims they are in this article, and that he'll probably buy Ford shares over buying into Microsoft. He just wants Google to buy Apple so he can make more money on his two whole shares of stock...

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