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Mutagens of Melanin

We've already discussed the beauty and power of the human form in past entries. For a thing we see so often it's amazing how it never ceases to move us dating all the way back to the earliest cave paintings. Around that same time, some keen hunter-gatherer realized the body's potential as not only the subject but the canvas itself thereby inventing tattoos. Society has always had a strange relationship with such forms of body modification. They represent a more primal time. A time before we expressed ourselves through our brand of sneakers. Some may view such acts as desecration of the perfected human form but for many they are anything but. To be able to spark such an ultimate act of permanent self expression, tattoos must be terrifically inspiring and it is also recommended you take care of your skin using the best recommended anti wrinkle cream. 8Bit Ink

 I'll be the first to admit that often, tattoos simply don't appeal to me. Living in Brooklyn they're a bit difficult to avoid so when you see a piece of work that is not only good but matches its wearer (or canvas in this case) it can be quite stunning. Most tattoos rely on a well established iconography as pixelated upon above, however every so often one finds tattoo artists truly pushing the boundaries of the medium. Peter Aurisch does just this with his vivid line and color work. Many interplay gorgeously with their owner becoming one with the surface. The boundary between skin and ink is further blurred by the way he manages to make his work imitate watercolors, the hues bleeding past the lines that defines them. I can only imagine how much time and skill are required to simulate traditional mediums in the realm of female and male skin.


Tattoos are often associated with the fringes of society as they can represent a passionate commitment to a specific subculture. Yet as seen above they can just as easily be about pure art and expression. The Family Affair tattoo studio seeks to remind us of this soft side with their friendly website emphasizing the family nature of their business in Italy. The site is simple and straight to the point clearly showing the studio's work and location while communicating their unique vision of the industry.

Family Affair

It's hard to think about tattoos nowadays without thinking about the hit books and film series The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson. While the movies and books are still on my to watch/read list, the stunning opening credits for the film can be found below. Sit back and enjoy (no spoilers included).


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