June 22, 2007 - Comments Off on Google Maps Local Business Center—Meetup Mystery Solved

Google Maps Local Business Center—Meetup Mystery Solved

At last night’s NYC Web Standards Meetup, Jay asked if anyone knew why certain Google search results display a “plus button” after the description that expands on click to show an embedded Google Map. He also wanted to know how he could make this behavior happen for a client. Unfortunately, no one in the room could answer. We examined the source code, speculated, triangulated, and triaged, but to no avail. When we left last night, the mystery hung heavy on us all and it was vowed that the solution would be found.

And it has—Google Maps Local Business Center. “Use the Local Business Center to create your free listing. When potential customers search Maps for local information, they’ll find your business: your address, hours of operation, even photos of your storefront or products. It’s easy, free, and you don’t need a website of your own.”

Thanks for the assist evolt!

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