Educating People About the Patient's Journey
The Mechanism designed and developed an immersive eLearning web app specifically for the Pharmaceutical industry.

Pharmaceutical Industry Medical Neighborhood

Web App, Immersive eLearning ApplicationĀ 

Working with one of the worlds largest pharmaceutical companies, The Mechanism designed and developed a highly customized digital learning experience for staff and sales teams. The goal; to create a deeper and more personal method for team members to be educated about new product information, and be connected to the larger experience of human interaction, all while learning at their own pace.

More than just a walk through traditional product text and case studies, The Medical Neighborhood is multi-dimensional model in building knowledge about product, corporate tone and on-brand messaging. The experience includes valuable information about the environment in which that product is purchased and administered.

Designed as an interactive teaching tool for the iPad or desktop, we applied the principle of "gamification" over multiple chapters of well-organized content. Interwoven throughout this feature-rich adventure are: text, audio, video, interactive and multiple-choice quizzes, pop-up glossaries and more. A teaching tool that any member of the team can refer to anytime they need a refresher.

The result? An anticipated higher level of participation as well as a higher level of information retention. The client also remarked that the final product was: "easily the best looking and most interactive eLearning module we currently have."

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