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Subject Verb Agreement Exercises for Class 9 Icse

Subject-verb agreement is a fundamental grammar concept in the English language, and mastering it is essential for effective communication skills. It is important to have a solid understanding of subject-verb agreement as it plays a crucial role in academic writing and communication. Class 9 ICSE students can benefit from subject-verb agreement exercises to improve their understanding of this concept.

Here are some subject-verb agreement exercises for class 9 ICSE:

Exercise 1:

Complete the following sentences with the correct verb form:

1. The dog __________ barking loudly. (is/are)

2. The children __________ playing in the park. (was/were)

3. Ten dollars __________ too much for that book. (is/are)

4. Each of the students __________ a book to read. (needs/need)

5. Mathematics __________ my favorite subject. (is/are)

Answer key: 1. is 2. were 3. is 4. needs 5. is

Exercise 2:

Choose the correct verb form in the following sentences:

1. The team of players (was/were) practicing hard for the tournament.

2. The group of students (has/have) completed their project.

3. The boy along with his friends (enjoys/enjoy) playing video games.

4. Neither the teacher nor the students (knows/know) the answer.

5. The number of hours in a day (is/are) twenty-four.

Answer key: 1. was 2. have 3. enjoys 4. know 5. is

Exercise 3:

Identify the correct verb form in the following sentences:

1. The book of poems (is/are) on the shelf.

2. The news from the radio (was/were) disturbing.

3. Two-thirds of the cake (has/have) been eaten.

4. The list of candidates (seems/seem) very long.

5. The fleet of ships (was/were) heading towards the harbor.

Answer key: 1. is 2. was 3. have 4. seems 5. was

By practicing these subject-verb agreement exercises, students can improve their grammar skills and enhance their communication abilities. These exercises will help class 9 ICSE students to gain more confidence and accuracy in their writing and speaking. Mastery of subject-verb agreement is an essential skill for both academic and professional success.

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