May 20, 2010 - Comments Off on Live blogging from Google I/O: SEO site advice from the experts

Live blogging from Google I/O: SEO site advice from the experts

Matt Cutts
Greg Grothaus
Evan Roseman

A review of sites submitted for SEO critique.

Schmitties! Google does not index meta name="keywords"

The page needs text. If you don't/can't do it yourself, try user-generated content.

WordPress love, but keep it current. Even use .htaccess to limit IP address access to wp-admin.

Try to get content above the fold; not critical, but better.

Add more content to the title tag (from the meta name="description")

[Matt Cutts is hilarious. This is probably the most enjoyable session I've attended yet.]

One of the review sites was hacked.

Don't expect to rank high if all you do is syndicate other people's content.

Look for blog post on local business SEO. Google places. (Recent blog post by one of the panelists. Ex-Google) Opt for a GMB listing management and solutions.

Related content is win

Don't really want search ranking, you want traffic. And don't really want traffic, want conversions.

If everything else on your site is pretty good and the URLs are bad, not that big of a deal. If you can get descriptive URLs, win. If not, no big deal.

Get the full address on there so Google can associate the site with a location.

Make sure internal URLs are singular or else use rel="canonical"

#! is a way to help Ajax get crawled. Search "crawl Ajax" Definitely need to learn more about that.

Mayday is an algorithmic change in Google (should find out more about this).

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