Defining your Authentic Essence

For more than 14 years, The Mechanism has created transformative brand identities that connect human beings to brands, businesses and each other.

A thread in the larger tapestry of brand building, communications and interface development

The Mechanism believes that brand identity development is the bedrock of the foundation for your organization. Throughout our history, we’ve worked on developing brand identity systems for lifestyle brands, as well as corporate, non-profit, financial and medical organizations. It is this proven experience with a variety brand types and approaches that gives us the unique advantage for your project. We believe that for an identity design to work, it must be appropriate, engaging and flexible.

We feel that the best kind of identity is one that belongs unmistakably to the organization it represents, rather than to the design firm that created it. A great identity is one that communicates simply, directly and effectively with an organization’s audience.

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