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April 09, 2012 | benchirlin

From: The Sketching Mechanism

Hope you all had a wonderful Spring/Easter/Passover weekend. It was a beautiful one. I hosted a marvelous dinner party Sunday and made a wonderful pot roast that turned out quite scrumptious. I trust everyone had an equally pleasant time welcoming in the fine weather. If not, happy Spring!

Peep BowlingSpring is a wondrous time. It is, perhaps, my favorite season since it's not too hot, not too cold, but just right so to speak. It's so full of life and new beginnings as universally recognized by all peoples and faiths, its hard to feel blue...unless you mean that pastel Easter blue of course as seen above. The egg and rabbit are symbols of this green time for their association with birth and life. I only dyed eggs a few times in my youth but I have to give a round of applause to Jessica Jones and her Pantone Easter eggs, truly a designer's delight. And while our featured artist, Ryohei Hase, might have a more macabre and surrealistic interpretation of the other Easter symbol, the beauty of his works is unarguable.

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Meaningless scramble for...Of course all that beautiful weather and green can only be appreciated if we venture outdoors which is what earns Cleanup Cleveland our website highlight. This site is the essence of one page perfection. It's streamlined, beautiful and has a consistent theme that turns what is essentially a web flier into a gorgeous piece of work. I love the paper cutout feel and the simple animated clouds in the header that give it just the right amount of movement and character. I especially like how it avoids the pitfalls many other one page sites fall victim to by keeping the amount of content reasonable, removing the need for complicated navigation and long load times as often occurs when sites are compressed to the one page aesthetic.

Cleanup ClevelandLovely weather always makes me think of my own trips during lovely seasons. My favorite of which was my time in Greece. I've always had a bit of an obsession with ancient Greece and her myths. How fitting then that this week's video should be a touching story of new life (Spring theme remember!) and mythology. Enjoy this cute, catchy and capricious short animation.

The Sketching Mechanism is a series of weekly posts, published on Mondays, containing the artistic musings of Mobile Designer/Developer Ben Chirlin during our Monday morning meeting at the NY Creative Bunker as well as his inspiring artistic finds of the week.

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