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September 16, 2011 | antonioortiz

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A shrewdness of apes. A business of ferrets. A team of horses. A convocation of eagles. A parliament of owls. A company of parrots. An army of frogs. A group of animals always receives a name, and links being like animals in the wild, we've decided that a collection of links is called a library.

This week's edition of The Thinking Mechanism is a library of links:

• RIM Off 19%: Year View Weaker; Margins Going Down. Some people we know, that in the past swore by their blackberries, are now awaiting the iPhone 5. Why put your faith into something that seems to be fading, they seem to be asking.

Jensen Harris shows what makes a great Metro app, and demonstrates the future of Windows. Mind you the tablet and OS shown are early betas and will not be available to the public for a year. A lot can happen in a year. A lot will happen in a year.

The Boston Globe implements responsive design on their site. Beautiful and clean information and visual design Are you watching NYTimes.com?

• The United States of Design: Fast Company selects the 50 most influential designers in America, while First Lady Michelle Obama honors National Design Awards Winners.

• The much awaited Google+ API is now available.

48 hours of footage are uploaded to YouTube every minute. And now that they've added a built-in editor to the site the number is sure to rise.

• Google+ wants to be like Twitter wants to be like Facebook wants to be like Google+. Next step: Facebook launches a subscribe button.

• To help all the marketeers that are questioning the value of Promoted Tweets, Twitter opens up their web analytics via a free dashboard.

• In the UK a fight to extend copyright is won. Are copyright terms on their way to being permanent? Disney sure hopes so.

• And lastly, using technology to do something just cause it's cool: dynamic water signage/sculpture.


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