January 25, 2008 - Comments Off on NY Web Standards Meetup—Web Mapping Part One: Google Maps

NY Web Standards Meetup—Web Mapping Part One: Google Maps

Below are links to materials from last night's presentation on the Google Maps API to the New York Web Standards Meetup Group. Thanks to everyone who made it—there were a lot of great questions and input.

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Rashmi, here's the link I promised: Sasha Maps—A Google Web Toolkit-based library that provides functionality similar to the Google Maps API. I've never used it, because I don't know Java.

Next month will be less of a presentation and more of a roundtable as we continue our web mapping discussion. While the focus will remain on Google Maps, we'll also talk about alternatives, both commercial and open source. Other topics include: best practices, our favorite mashups, and what makes the good ones so good.

Please send the URLs of your favorite mashups, any development questions, and any tutorial requests to Jeffrey prior to part two. Thanks!

Please contact us if you'd like to present at the March or April meetup.

Web Mapping Part Two

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